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Stocks are probably one of the first things you think of when you think of investing. The stock market is a big, well-known path of investing. 

But just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it’s the best thing! Stocks, like any investment, come with a set of downsides that you’d be a fool to ignore. Today we’re going to talk about just how risky the stock market can be.

The stock market is controlled by supply and demand like any other market. That’s just the way it goes in the economy. But the stock market can move fast — too fast to keep up with. A stock can crash in a few months, if not weeks, if things go south for the market. And there are so many ways things can go wrong.

If people stop buying iphones, what do you think your Apple stock is going to be worth? It all comes down to how much the company itself is worth, and that depends on the economy at large. When things start dipping, as they have throughout the year 2020, then the stocks go down with them. You simply can’t rely on most stocks to not flake out on you.

And what about the long term? A company that made, say, the tapes for answering machines might have been doing great in the eighties, but how well do you think they’re doing now? Most companies don’t live to see their hundredth anniversary. The sad truth is that most things eventually become obsolete, and with technology advancing faster and faster by the day, that’s a bigger risk than ever.

So, why not invest in something steady? Something people are always going to need? There are a few things that are simply necessary for human life, and one of those is shelter. Real estate is never going to become obsolete. As long as there are people, those people are going to need a place to live, a roof over their heads. Furthermore, real estate is a relatively stable market — even when it goes down, it doesn’t do so as rapidly or dramatically as some other markets do.

If you’re thinking of expanding your portfolio, think about real estate before you start looking at the options in stocks. It’s an essential asset you can count on to provide a prosperous future for you and your family.



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