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Summer Squeeze: Maximizing the Joy and Fun of the Season!

First and foremost, summertime presents an opportunity to reconnect with nature. It is a time when vibrant landscapes come alive, adorned with lush greenery and blooming flowers. Embrace the natural wonders that surround you by embarking on hiking trails, picnicking in scenic parks, or camping under the starry sky. Escape the confines of daily routines and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the great outdoors.

Summertime is a precious gift that deserves to be embraced and cherished. By immersing ourselves in nature, pursuing physical activities, nurturing social connections, exploring new interests, and practicing self-care, we can squeeze the most out of this fleeting season. So let us embrace the warmth, the joy, and the endless possibilities of summertime, for it is a time that beckons us to live life to the fullest.


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Steady Eddie Real Estate 


The world of finances can feel like a hurricane. The tides of the economy are constantly washing in and out, and it can be hard to tell where you can safely make your investments in order to maximize your returns. 

So, how do you tell what investment will secure your fiscal future? The stock market fluctuates every day. You can’t really depend on it to give you what you need. Likewise, bonds and even mutual funds tend to be unstable, as they shift with the external market forces that move the economy. You want a more stable investment, one you can count on. That’s where real estate comes in.

Real estate is a smart investment for a lot of reasons. Chief among these is the steadiness of it. Where other types of investment can lose vast amounts of value at a moment’s notice, real estate has a great consistency in value.

Of course, the value of a property can change. But it doesn’t drop like a cement block, the way the value of stocks can. When properties’ prices change, they do it much more slowly and gradually. That’s because, unlike luxuries like gold and diamonds, housing is a necessary and consistent market. Everyone needs a place to live, and that isn’t going to change. So with that in mind, it only makes sense that your properties would remain valuable no matter what the economy gets up to.

Of course, we all know that the housing market can be subject to negative economic forces. We all learned that in 2008, with the collapse of that particular bubble. But where other markets can’t take such heavy blows and would suffer irreparable damage, housing has a neat tendency to even itself out within a few years. Even if a real estate investment takes a hit, it’ll be back to its old self (or perhaps even better!) in a relatively short time as compared to other investments.

Real estate is just that: real! This kind of investment is reliable because it’s based in actual, tangible things- things people are always going to need. It’s not based on abstract concepts and invisible forces. Real estate is the real deal. If you’re looking for an investment that’s as stable as concrete, property is the way to go.








Real Estate Leverage

Leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital (e.g., debt) to increase an investment’s potential return. A 20% down payment on a mortgage, for example, gets you 100% of the house you want to buy—that’s leverage. Because real estate is a tangible asset and one that can serve as collateral, financing is readily available.


Jake and Leanna are actively involved in the Greater Philadelphia Market area real estate investing for a number of years. Their mission is to provide quality housing for quality tenants, while at the same time providing an above-average return on investment (R.O.I) for their investor partners and themselves. It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

Jake and Leanna offer their investor partners hands-free investment opportunities. If you are interested to learn how to earn an above-average return on your investment, backed by a solid asset, and without the hassle of being a landlord, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jake and Leanna.

For more information about Jake and Leanna and their investment program, please call (610) 795-5307. and email them at
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