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Selling a Delaware County, PA house with tenants can be a blessing or a curse. There is no sure way to know if your tenants will be cooperative or will try to sabotage the sale of your house. An uncooperative tenant can make it impossible to sell your Delaware County, PA house. 

A responsible and friendly tenant on the other hand can actually make your property more salable, particularly to landlord investors who appreciate having guaranteed income right from the start. 

It’s critical to know how to sell a house with tenants. To that end we are going to share 4 proven tips that will assure the cooperation of your tenants to make the sale of your house smooth and headache free.  

Can I sell my rental property with tenants in it?

First, we’ll answer a common question that landlords have which is, “Can I sell my house with tenants?” The fact is, you can sell your house with tenants. However, you and the buyer are bound to the terms of the lease you signed with your tenants. 

Keep in mind that if your buyer wants to occupy the house after the closing, he will have to properly notify the tenant in writing. Depending on the state where the home is located your new buyer will have to give the tenant anywhere from a 10 day to 60 day notice.

If you’ve signed a fixed-term lease, then the new buyer will have to wait until the expiration of the lease to move in. Unfortunately, this will reduce your pool of potential buyers. 

Nonetheless, there are clear advantages to selling your house with tenants, as opposed to having them move out before you put your house on the market. 

If you vacate your house before putting it on the market you’ll run the risk of losing rental income. And since it can take several months to find a buyer and another 30 to 60 days to close, you may be out a lot of money.



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